What guitar does paul mccartney play?

Answer Paul McCartney, former member of The Beatles, Wings and one of the most successful solo artists of all time, plays both standard electric guitar and bass guitar. According to Music Radar, McCartney... Read More »

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What instrument did Paul McCartney play?

Paul McCartney, a musician and former member of the British rock group the Beatles, typically plays the base guitar. However, McCartney did play drums on some Beatles tracks, lead guitar at some co... Read More »

What instrument did Paul McCartney play in the Beatles?

Paul McCartney is perhaps best remembered on stage strumming a guitar, but while with the Beatles he played many instruments, including bass, piano, drums, keyboard, ukulele and the mandolin 12-str... Read More »

What kind of guitar does Paul Stanley play?

Singer and guitarist Paul Stanley has played many different guitars over the years, including Silvertone and the Ibanez Iceman PS10. Stanley is known for smashing his signature Ed Roman Washburn mo... Read More »

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