What grows well in a 12 inch hanging moss basket, in afternoon sun?

Answer Staghorn fern. Link to image below:

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How to Make a Moss Hanging Basket?

Hanging baskets are wonderful additions to your home garden. When dangling from your front porch or lamppost, they are eye-catching and quickly add color to the outside of your home. You can easily... Read More »

How do I fill a hanging basket?

SoilMix enough of a suitable compost to fill the basket and add a handful each of slow-release fertilizer and water-retaining granules to help the soil remain moist and provide a good growing mediu... Read More »

How do I hang a hanging basket?

Choose a LocationFind a ceiling area, outside under an eave or inside near a corner, that provides the space and light required of the plant you will grow in your hanging basket. Most plants need s... Read More »

How much light does a hanging basket of ivy need?

Ivy grows best in indirect sunlight. If the ivy is hanging outside, find a spot that will get at least some shade during the day. If it is an indoor plant, place the basket near a natural light s... Read More »