What is a good band name for a emo, punk band?

Answer black hearts and bleeding roses

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What reading program became popular in the 1960's?

Phonics became popular among American schools for teaching reading in the 1960s. This came after an apparent failure of the whole-language approach used in the decades leading up to the 1960s with ... Read More »

What year did hula hoops became popular?

The Hula-Hoop first became popular immediately after the toy's 1958 debut, measured by the sales of 25 million units in the United States within the first two months. The fad peaked in the 1960s. T... Read More »

What food did John Glenn eat in space that became popular?

Astronaut John Glenn, when he became the first American to orbit the earth in 1962, ate pureed applesauce out of an aluminum tube. Scientists were unsure whether astronauts could swallow without th... Read More »

Which Chief of Naval Operations later became the Secretary of Energy in 1989 to 1993?

Admiral James Watkins was the Secretary of Energy in the Reagan Administration.