What graphics card should i get?

Answer The HD radeon 6670 or 7770The 7770 is much better for just a bit more, but they are cheap cards that can really rape the **** out of some games.

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What graphics card should i buy?

Well, I would say the AMD 6850 or 6870. The 6850 costs $150, and the 6870 costs $175. BEE SURE you have a power supply big enuff to feed your new video card! I found out what happens when the po... Read More »

What type of Graphics card should I buy?

for around £120 you could get a ATI radeon HD6850, which will run ANY game or editing program easily. or for around £100 you could get a HD5770, which is also decent

What type of graphics card should I get?

AMD 7770 it's what I have and it's around there it can max it out and you can very easily overclock it. But you need to upgrade your ram before you get it. You need at least 4gb to game I have 8gb ... Read More »

What graphics card should i get to run high intensity games.?

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