What graphics card company is best?

Answer Both companies have range of cards. Generally speaking, I think that AMD/ATi's lower end cards are much better than Nvidia's low end offerings in both price and performance, I'm talking about cards... Read More »

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Are there any external graphics card for laptops if yes then which company n wats the cost of 1 gb card?

Yes, there are a couple.Originally there was the Asus XG station but it was discontinued without ever making it to mass market- I think it was released for a very short time in Australia? Not reall... Read More »

For a graphics card, what type of 9600 card is best for my computer and gaming?

i will endeavor to assist you in selecting graphics card, if you IM me, i just have questions~~Edit~~Why the hell did you guys give my answer a bad rating, i told her to IM me because i have questi... Read More »

What is the best AMD graphics card?

the best single graphics card amd offered was i think is the 6990 but that card is too expensive and is outdated anyways, plus it draws way too much power, heat, and is noisy, i would stick to nvid... Read More »

What graphics card is the best for my build?

What budget?For $4000 I can suggest quad Titans. For $40 I can suggest prostituting yourself off until you can afford at least a 8800 GTX.If these two suggestions are a bit extreme for you, an AMD ... Read More »