What graphic cards are compatible with my computer?

Answer Buy a new computer. You won't get anywhere with that, not even with the best Graphics Card in the market.

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Can you put multiple graphic cards in the same computer?

Most new computers are capable of using multiple graphic or video cards. As long as there are available expansion slots on the computer, you can keep adding more. Be aware that for many computers w... Read More »

Is it possible to install 2 graphic cards on a single desktop computer?

Yes, but you will need a motherboard that supports "SLI". Motherboards will generally say if they support it. I think it is just an NVIDIA thing but I could be wrong. If you motherboard has two PC... Read More »

What video cards are compatible with this motherboard?

This question (and answer) is a bit more complicated than you might think...That is for an APU. Which one are you using? If you are planning on running in dual graphics mode (kind of a hybrid xfir... Read More »

What graphics cards are compatible with ASUS M4A785-M mb?