What graphic cad should i buy sapphire or gigabyte hd 7750?

Answer The differences are very small, as they are all based on the same chipset; AMD Radeon HD 7750. This is a budget graphics card.

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HD 7950-Sapphire vapor-x vs gigabyte?

Sapphire's Vapor-X cooler seems good, not sure whether this particular model has any problem or notyou didn't mention the gigabyte model, but most of the higher end gigabyte graphics card comes wit... Read More »

Radeon HD 7950- Sapphire vapor-x or gigabyte windforce?

Gigabyte has been my favorite PC part company for a while. I believe they make the most reliable motherboards, and I decided to give their graphics cards a shot.My old HD 5770 was a Sapphire and it... Read More »

GTX 650( non-ti ) vs HD 7750?

The GTX 650 is better than a Radeon HD 7750. However, the GTX 650 is a card that it's almost impossible to recommend given it's price.The Radeon HD 7750 has the advantage of lower power consumptio... Read More »

2 single graphic adapters vs one duel graphic adapter?

Increase the cooling, a liquid-cooling system, will be much more efficient.