What grape variety is used to make red wine?

Answer Dolcetto

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What is the most commonly grown variety of wine grape?

Most popular wine varietals Cabernet Sauvignon (red) and Chardonnay (white) at least according to the related sources. Sorry, Chardonnay is by no means the most widely planted white grape variety t... Read More »

What type of grape is used for producing red wine?

The University of Georgia explains that the most common kind of grape used for making red wine is the species Vitis vinifera, otherwise known as the European or the wine grape. The species originat... Read More »

How to Make Wine out of Grape Juice?

Homemade wine. Yes, you can make wine from grape juice! Some recipes call for using frozen juice concentrate. This recipe calls for using juice directly off the grocery store shelf. Wine made from ... Read More »

Ingredients to Make Concord Grape Wine?

The ingredient list for Concord grape wine, as with other types of wine, is very small and simple. Two ingredients, Concord grapes and yeast, are essential for making Concord wine. A third option... Read More »