What grain is graham flour made from?

Answer Graham flour is made from the whole grain of wheat. It is also called whole-wheat flour and is coarsely ground. Genuine graham crackers are made from graham flour, though many products marketed as ... Read More »

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Is graham flour used as a pastry flour?

Graham flour is often used as pastry flour. Also referred to as wheat graham flour, it has a course texture and is typically mixed with other flours as a source of added fiber.References:Paul's Gra... Read More »

Does graham flour contain gluten?

Graham flour (also known as whole meal flour) is a coarse ground whole wheat flour that does contain gluten. However, it contains less gluten than is found in white flour.References:Celiac Sprue As... Read More »

Is corn flour considered whole grain?

Corn flour is made by finely milling dried, whole corn kernels. If the corn kernels have not been refined or bleached during the flour-making process, the resulting corn flour is considered to be a... Read More »

Want to switch from white flour burrito wraps to whole grain ones?

Yes I am pretty sure that TJ has them, so does most normal grocery stores as well. Dont let your mom get to you, if you want to be healthy that is your choice not hers.