What grade of grass should i buy?

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What is the approx amount of time i should water my grass after fertilizing my grass 15 min. 30 min 1hr?

When your grass gets brown from the sun, how many a times a day should I water the grass?

If you raise the blade on your mower so it doesn't cut the grass as short, it won't turn so brown and you can water less often!

What Time of the Day Should I Water Sod Grass?

Because installing sod is such an expensive and labor-intensive project, you'll want to make sure your investment is properly taken care of. Although the exact quantity of water you'll need for you... Read More »

What Kind of Grass Should I Plant on My Lawn?

When planting a lawn, there are a number of factors you should consider to determine the best variety of grass to use. There are hundreds of different varieties to choose from, all of which are dif... Read More »