What grade of gas does a Chevy HHR use?

Answer The Fuel Economy government website reveals that the 2010 Chevrolet HHR uses regular gasoline in its 16-gallon gas tank. The car can average 346 miles on one fill-up with a combined 24 mpg.Source:F... Read More »

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What Does SB Mean as a Grade?

SB is a grade given in Spain and represents the word sobresaliente. Sobresaliente is an adjective and means excellent in the Spanish language. When given as a grade, it means the highest mark, not... Read More »

What does a grade point average tell you?

Your grade point average, or GPA, is an average of all the grades you receive in all your classes. The better grades that you get, the better your GPA will be. GPA does not necessarily indicate how... Read More »

What does a grade point average mean?

Grade point average (GPA) measures a student's academic achievement. Typically, the scale ranges from 1.0 to 4.0, a D receiving 1 and an A receiving 4. To calculate the GPA, a student takes the to... Read More »

What does a percentage of a final grade mean?

The term "percentage of a final grade" is used in school to represent how much a certain assignment or test will affect your final grade in the class. If your test is 80 percent of a final grade, y... Read More »