What grade is a 66?

Answer In most typical fixed grading systems, a score of 66 corresponds to a grade of D-plus. A 67 would raise you to a C-minus, while a 64 would lower you to an F. If the class is graded on a curve, your... Read More »

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What is an Army DB-03 grade equal to in GS pay grade?

Occupational Family DB Equivalent GS GradesGS1-GS4( I)GS5-GS11 (II)GS12-GS14 (III)GS14-GS15 (IV)>GS15 (V)

Your basic pay structuere was 5000-8000 now it is merged with 6500 and your grade pay is 4200 you comleted 10 years of service on 2007 what will be your acp position and grade pay thanks?

How long do I have to hold a pay grade in the Army Reserve to retire in that grade?

Commissioned reserve officers must serve at least six months at the same officer grade to retain that grade's status if they are below the grade of commander. Above the grade of lieutenant colonel,... Read More »

Is is wrong to sleep with my daughter's 8th grade Algebra teacher in order to get her a passing grade?

I only wish my mother had been as thoughtful as you. It would have been way less traumatic for her to do my teacher than for me to have anxiety about math credits. You are a good woman, and you bes... Read More »