What grade is Algebra 2?

Answer Algebra 2 is commonly taught as a high school class in tenth or eleventh grade. However, sometimes it is taken as early as eighth grade or as late as college. In other cases, Algebra 2 material is ... Read More »

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Is is wrong to sleep with my daughter's 8th grade Algebra teacher in order to get her a passing grade?

I only wish my mother had been as thoughtful as you. It would have been way less traumatic for her to do my teacher than for me to have anxiety about math credits. You are a good woman, and you bes... Read More »

How to Raise My Grade in 9th Grade Algebra I?

Algebra 1, the introductory algebra course usually administered in ninth grade, is often a difficult subject for high school students. As a result, many high school students may worry about their a... Read More »

What grade is pre-algebra?

Algebra is a type of mathematics that is used to calculate relationships between related objects using letters and numbers. Pre-algebra is generally taught beginning in seventh grade and prepares s... Read More »

How to Learn 8th Grade Algebra?

The 8th grade mathematics is filled with new concepts, including order of operations, geometric properties and surface area. These math subjects are designed to reflect on what you have learned fro... Read More »