What government holidays is the u.s. flag flown at half staff?

Answer When the United States mourns or commemorates a specific event, the flag flies at half-staff. President Dwight Eisenhower issued a proclamation on March 1, 1954, defining when and where flags fly a... Read More »

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When should the U.S. flag be flown at half staff?

According to U.S. Code 4 Sec. 7(m), the U.S. flag is flown at half-staff "upon the death of principal figures of the Unites States government ..." The president can order the flag flown at half-s... Read More »

Is the U.S. flag flown at half staff on Veterans Day?

The United States flag is not lowered to half-staff on Veteran's Day. The flag is to be raised and displayed on Veteran's Day to honor all veterans, living and dead. The flag is lowered to half-sta... Read More »

Should the U.S. flag fly at half staff on Veteran's Day?

According to the Flag Code--the document dealing proper etiquette for the American flag--the flag should be flown at full staff on Veterans Day. Flying a flag at half-mast indicates mourning, whic... Read More »

Half Staff Flag Etiquette?

The United States flag is the symbol of our living nation, and has a strict code of etiquette for its display. One of the most strictly regulated is the custom of flying the flag at half staff. Onl... Read More »