What is the examples of a government corperation a. the supreme court b. the central intelligence agency c.the north intelligence agency or d. the US postal service?

Answer For many things...1) Completing covert missions and regular missions2) Bringing down terrorists, warloards, people like that3) Interregating criminals4) Analyzing encrypted files and data bases

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Agency of the government name CIA stand for and how does the CIA define intelligence?

CIA = Central Intelligence Agency You should go to the CIA website and read their section on their strategic statement if you want to see how they define intelligence. Read More »

Does any private or government agency keep current data on frozen ground in the US?

You will find you data from these links……AND YOU CAN YOU THIS FR... Read More »

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What type of government agency is NASA?

NASA is an administrative agency within the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government. Though it is responsible for both Civilian and Military Aeronautics programs, NASA Administrators do not have Ca... Read More »