What is the examples of a government corperation a. the supreme court b. the central intelligence agency c.the north intelligence agency or d. the US postal service?

Answer For many things...1) Completing covert missions and regular missions2) Bringing down terrorists, warloards, people like that3) Interregating criminals4) Analyzing encrypted files and data bases

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What government agency do i contact to become incorporated?

You generally contact your state's department of corporations, which is often a division of your department of state. However, these departments, such as the one in Delaware, do not offer legal adv... Read More »

What do the letters in the U.S. government agency known as the CIA stand for?

Are there any security agency in the US government that you can have a family while on the job?

Most "desk jobs" can have a wife and kids but they need to let them know that work comes first. If you are a so-called "agent" (the ones in the movies) cannot usually have kids...maybe a girlfriend... Read More »

Are government agency bonds safe?

On One Hand: Fed May Guarantee Them In Case of Default.Government agency bonds are those issued by arms of the federal government, such as the U.S. Postal Service. Although not guaranteed by the fe... Read More »