What good website do you know?

Answer Got the infamous "Can't sleep and need a good website to put me to sleep" syndrome? =)Check out a site that I often frequent, where you identify the correct meaning of a word, and get 20 grains of... Read More »

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What's the best website with a good tutorial for building your own website?

This website can give you some ideas.…Well, basically to make a dynamic website you'll need to know at least HTML, Java Script, 1 server sided web language... Read More »

Does my website look good?

I have to admit,you have some skills.I would love to make my own website like you did.I could tell you must have went to a graphic designers college to learn how to create a website.Good luck on yo... Read More »

What is good about BBC website?

The BBC was founded on the 1st of January 1927.

Do you think my website looks good?

Ok you want me to be honest, then I shall be.It's only my opinion and you may not like it...Well you have seen it already. design - it does not talk to me. Change background, line stuff up, remove ... Read More »