What good for sore throat?

Answer hot tea with lemon works best

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My girl friend recently got a sore throat, could i catch that sore throat if we just kiss?

"... could i catch that sore throat if we just kiss?" -- Unlike "Josh", I don''t find the answer so "obvious". I have no idea what's caused your friend's sore throat and that is big factor in f... Read More »

What is good to soothe a sore throat?

Ibuprofen or tylenol (not sure what you call it over there.) to reduce inflammation. Then some lozenges that have pain-relieving ingredients (here they would be Sucrets. I don't know what you have... Read More »

What are some good home remedies for a sore throat?

Hi StarMoon...At the very start of a sore throat its a good idea if you can get hold of some to take Zinc/Vitamin C (combined) lozenges. This may hopefully stop anything further developing, insha'A... Read More »

Good ways to get rid of a sore throat?

Drink lots and lots of tea with spoonfuls of honey in them.