What goes with margaritas?

Answer On One Hand: Complement SeafoodThe lemon and lime in margaritas make them an especially good complement to seafood, according to John Conley, chef and owner of Salsa Brava in Flagstaff, Arizona. Co... Read More »

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What is the song called that goes along with Google goes under sea article in bbc?

What is the song on the nine lives of Chloe king when chloe discovers her powers that goes like this And I'm in love with what we are not with what we aren't and not with what we could be be be be?

What goes with red carpet?

The Queen or someother over-paid celebrity

What goes with baked ham?

We like to have either au gratin or scalloped potatoes with ham. Or sometimes I'll make yams or sweet potatoes - if I'm not in the mood for a cheesy white potato! And a green vegetable - beans or... Read More »