What goes with baked ham?

Answer We like to have either au gratin or scalloped potatoes with ham. Or sometimes I'll make yams or sweet potatoes - if I'm not in the mood for a cheesy white potato! And a green vegetable - beans or... Read More »

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I like both BBQ and Baked chicken and really no preference of one over the other. If I'm going to buy fast food chicken I definitely prefer KFC over McDonald's everyday. I love KFC's grilled and Cr... Read More »

What was the last cake YOU baked?

i have made sweets in 2 occasions recently. one was today. today is Ratha Yathra. and that is the appearance of Lord Jaganath. most bittersweet and auspicious. it was right on time too. as i ... Read More »

What do you think of baked apples?

As healthy as a slice of apple pie without the crust. Raw food is healthier, and someone who wasn't raised on cooked food probably would not like the mushy texture of cooked apples. But since I was... Read More »

Baked beans?

Not too bad. Sounds tasty, you've put me in the mood for that now