I get a pins and needles feeling in the top right of my back, it comes and goes through out the day, does any?

Answer Yes its same thing when your leg falls asleep. Keep doing neck and arm exercise every half hour. Have a diet high in vitamin B complex.

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What is wrong when I have a pain in my lower back and it goes down my leg?

** It's probably Sciatica- I went to a chiropractor- It helped a ton!! When I go regulalry I don't have a problem anymore.***Sciatica is a symptom of a problem with the sciatic nerve, a large nerve... Read More »

After every thing i eat i will burb and its almost like i puke but it goes back down right away what is wrong?

Sounds like u have acid reflux...the same thing happens to me and i have severe acid reflux

Im on my roof and the latter fell down so i cant get back down. how can iget back down?

jump tuck and roll out of it had that happen to me once hurt like hell when i hit the ground and rolled though must not have landed right

I have never had a let down with breast milk is this normal and my baby is 3 and a half weeks old and i never leak.?

Answer Its normal......this mainly depends on the amount of milk your baby drinks. At what intervals do you feed your baby?