The name of the older gentleman in the ESPN scorecenter commercial that walks down the stairs hands off something turns and nods to the camera and goes back up the stairs please?

Answer Seems to me that all sport-as-entertainment is a waste of time.

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How to Move a Sofa Bed Up or Down Stairs?

If you have ever had a sofa bed you know how daunting a task it is to relocate it, especially up or down stairs. As the owner and operator of a junk removal service, Haul-a-Way (http://www.haul-a-w... Read More »

How to move a fridge freezer down 3 flights of stairs?

rent an appliance dolly and straps first off...this is how they got it up the stairs when the brought it to you I am sure.after you get the fridge/freezer on the dolly, wrap it in a blanket to keep... Read More »

If you get shoved down the stairs or fall down the stairs as a child can that make a girl infertile when she i?

Most likely no. The only way it would affect your fertility is if your abdomin was crushed like in a car accident or something. A fall won't affect fertility. I had a friend who was pregnant and go... Read More »

My computer goes to sleep and the screen goes black but doesnt turn on again?

it also happen to me..dunno what to do then i just reboot my notebook to solve it..oh no!!don't say that you are using a Asus notebook model too!!!