What goes on when you have braces?

Answer Braces used to be a status symbol, indicating wealth enough to afford such improvements. Now, doctors know that well-aligned teeth do more than boost self-confidence. They improve health. And it ha... Read More »

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What CAN'T you eat when you have braces?

Forbidden FoodsHard candyCaramelTaffyHard bread crustsPizza crustHard nutsTacosTortilla chipsCorn NutsPopcornJerkyCorn on the cobDried fruitCut these into bite-sized pieces:BagelsApplesRaw carrotsR... Read More »

What can I eat and cant eat when I have braces?

you SHOULDN'T eat:Hard foods- Anything that is hard cannot be chewed with braces on. Remember, braces are fragile, and strong forces from hard foods will break them off. Damaged appliances will ext... Read More »

What to eat when you have braces or separators?

IcecreamMac and cheeseSoupLook up brace friendly foods on google. There are a TON of things you can make and eat. The trick is to try to crush the food with your tongue instead of your teeth and th... Read More »

When Can I Eat What I Have Taste For With Braces?

They normally stop hurting within at Least a week mine took 4 days