What goes in pink and hard and comes out soft and mushy?

Answer bubblegum!

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Which type of food-particles (hard / crunchy or soft / mushy) causes more dental problems?

Soft/mushy foods get in all areas of your teeth in crevices and pit and fissure (anatomy of teeth) areas while chewing. The best thing to do is swish and rinse with water after eating these kinds... Read More »

Why baby food is often soft and mushy?

Because babies often do not have TEETH so they dont have to chew.

How to Get Naturally Soft Pink Lips?

When a person opens her mouth to speak an impression is made in a split second. You hear and see many different things in an instant, and when what you hear comes out of a mouth set in soft, pink l... Read More »

How to Make Your Lips Soft & Pink?

Dry, chapped lips are offsetting and look unhealthy. Women of all ages desire smooth, supple lips that reduce the appearance of aging and suggest vitality. Soft lips that are pink appear youthful. ... Read More »