What goes best with bacon and eggs?

Answer Toast with jelly, hashbrowns, grilled tomatoes and a huge glass of ice cold milk. And a piece of home made pie for dessert. This used to be our Sunday breakfast when I was a kid. Yummy.

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What food goes best with bacon.?

Blueberry Pancakes Bacon & Eggs with Home fries Or a bowl of Wheaties Cereal which do u like best?

Fried eggs of scrambled eggs with your bacon?

Besides Bacon, Ham , Sausage What meal can you make with Eggs?

Steak & eggsEggs & hashbrowns/homefriesLivermush & EggsEgg & GritsWestern Omlet (peppers onions, & mushrooms & cheese)Egg & chicken tendersEggs & Pork ChopsEgg and potatoe parttiesEgg & pancakesScr... Read More »