What goes best with an omelet?

Answer Fried potatoes, or if you r asking what goes best in a omelet, my opinion would be onions, bacon, cheese, or onions,ham and cheese, or peppers and onions and cheese. with some salsa on top.

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Bacon Omelet Mushroom Omelet Cheese Omelet Or Sausage Omelet Which do you prefer more?

Mushroom, i love mushrooms! And i prefer just the egg white, the yolk makes me feel sick lol. =)Night Scooter. =) Btw, your answer to my Q was great, and it was joint best with Amy. I tossed a coin... Read More »

Cheese Omelet Bacon Omelet OR Mushroom Omelet Which do you like better?

how about all of them in one? ...that is what i would like! ...Mr. are tempting me....I am going to gain wieight if I keep answering these kinds of questions...hahahahaha..! but please...d... Read More »

What can I put in my egg omelet?

Try mushrooms, onions, red peppers or chilli peppers.

What's something good to put in an omelet?

I love the omelet they make at Perkins. The hashbrowns with cheese are tucked _inside_ the omelet. And the eggs are done with all the usuals...bell peppers, mushrooms, sausage, onions. I so miss... Read More »