What is the phrase or question used by Dr Phil when someone on his show stays in a situation goes something like What is your pay off or gain?

Answer because they have no culture, manner, they have no self respect. clapping is the ettiquette not screaming.

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My heart rate stays around 50 is that good?

Generally a low resting heart rate isn't a bad thing, it can just mean you are in relatively good cardiovascular fitness. As long as you feel fine all the time, this alone is not cause for concern.

Computer monitor goes to standby or stays black after windows loading...fried motherboard?

It cant be you graphic card because if it is fried you wouldn't even see the cursor. If your motherboard was fried the PC wont have even started. It can be you ram or i am not sure but if you can t... Read More »

How to Left Reverse Around a Corner?

In the UK driving test you may be asked to do this as one of your maneuvers (You have to do a total of 2 out of 3 learnt)

How to Play 7 Steps Around the Corner?

Are you getting bored with 'starlight, moonlight'? Want more of a challenge? look no further!=)