What is the Iliad named after?

Answer The Iliad is named after the city of Ilion or Ilium, which most people call Troy. ("Iliad" mean "pertaining to Ilium/Ilion" in Greek.)It was, it turn, named after its founder, Ilius.

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What is the Big Dipper named after?

The Big Dipper is an asterism that makes up part of the constellation Ursa Major. The dipper consists of seven stars and gets its name because it looks like an apparatus used for dipping.References... Read More »

MH-60T Jayhawk was named after what?

What was QWERTY named after?

When you look at your computer's keyboard, you'll see that Q, W, E, R, T and Y are the first six letters. This is where the QWERTY keyboard gets its name. In 1875, Christopher Sholes and Amos Dens... Read More »

What is Fenway named after?

Fenway Park, home of the American League's Boston Red Sox, is named after the Fenway section of Boston where the stadium resides. Fenway hosted its first game between major league teams on April 20... Read More »