What gloves and scarves were worn in Sherlock?

Answer most of the time they do

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What surgical gloves were worn in the 1930s?

From 1928 through 1966, reusable Latex gloves were commonly used for surgical procedures. As long as the surface was intact, the gloves could be reused after cleaning, lubrication and sterilizatio... Read More »

Should sterile gloves be worn when providing routine care?

On One Hand: Most Nurses Use Gloves for Routine CareNon-sterile gloves, including latex and nitrile gloves, will provide a barrier to protect from infection. According to Lorraine White, Head Instr... Read More »

Whats the most disgusting job youve worn rubber gloves for?

Washing the dishes. All that nasty food floating around in the brown water... Yuck!

What colour is Sherlock Holmes' dressing-gown in Sherlock?