What gives red wine its color?

Answer Red wine is made from grapes that are black or red. The color in red wine occurs because the makers of red wine leave the skins from the grapes in the juice during the fermentation process. When wi... Read More »

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What gives you a worse hangover: White wine or red wine?

Red does. Some people think it's a myth but it is technically true. red wine has something called tanin's in it. These are usually in darker alcoholic drinks. Basically more tanin's = worse hangover!

What gives an orange its color?

High concentrations of compounds called carotenes are what gives the orange fruit its color. Carotenes, also known as carotenoids, are also found in high levels in carrots, sweet potatoes and tomat... Read More »

What gives garnet its color?

Garnets are allochromatic. They come in different colors such as red, orange or green because of trace element impurities within the stones. The absorption of light by these trace element impuritie... Read More »

What gives diamonds their color?

Diamonds become colored in a number of ways. Trace elements in a gem may color diamonds. For example, nitrogen turns them yellow. Exposure to radiation, and inclusions or impurities can also color ... Read More »