Can a 17-year-old girl marry an 18-year-old guy when they were already both married to other people without needing the girl's parents' consent?

Answer Answer I am not certain I am reading this correctly, but...NO! If you are married to someone and do not get legally divorced, you cannot marry someone else. That would be bigamy, and is illegal. Th... Read More »

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In what state can a 16-year-old girl marry an 18-year-old boy without the parents' consent if the girl is pregnant?

Some states will issue a marriage license if there is a court order.

Did Ellen marry a girl?

Yes. Her name is Portia De Rossi and she hasn't changed her surname to DeGeneres as some people believe. she is 15 years younger than Ellen and was born Amanda Lee Rodgers ( Ironically she had the ... Read More »

I am a filipino can i marry an American girl?

Is it right to marry a girl older than a boy in Islam?

On One Hand: The Prophet Had an Older WifeAt 25 years old, Muhammad, the Islamic prophet, married a widow who was 15 years his senior. Islamic law does not prohibit its followers from participating... Read More »