What girl sounds prettier?

Answer They are the same, shade of brown is not that big a difference.

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Tell me.. Who's the prettier/better looking girl?

Both girls are pretty, but I think girl 2 is hotter & I'd guess they're both between 17 & 22.jk

Which girl is prettier [pic]?

Definitely girl 1. girl 2 is annoyingly trying to be too sexy.

Which girl is prettier?

They both look the same and have very pretty eyes (hope i didn't offend you or them) Girl on the left: Love her eyes and her lashes look long but I guess because of the pictures settings thats all ... Read More »

How to be prettier then this girl?

They actually told you that the other girl had more looks? Is this a modeling job? You're freakin' hot so I don't know what you can do differently. F**k hollister.