What girl is right for you?

Answer i dont know if the girl i like is right for me?

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What is your #1 boy and girl name right now?

Girl ~ Leona MayI still adore Laura Noelle, but her and Leona May are pretty much tied for first right now. I'm considering switching the order of the two on my favorite's list, making Leona May #1... Read More »

If you had TWINS, a boy and a girl, right NOW, what would you name them?

What do you think is the right age for a girl to start wearing makeup 10 points?

There is a HUGE cosmetics industry hat will do ANYTHINGto sell more product. To that end, they promote the idea thatevery woman NEEDS to modify her appearance with cosmetics.Really ... simply wash... Read More »

How to Be the Right Girl for a Guy?

All guys are different and have different preferences and it's very natural for a girl to want to be right for a certain guy, but sometimes it's rather confusing what he prefers for his types of gi... Read More »