What gift did you want after undergoing a double mastectomy?

Answer After an operation of double mastectomy,you friend is going to be really vulnerable. The best thing that you can offer them is your love and support.Chocolates will be a good gift too, and maybe h... Read More »

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Does blue cross of nepa epo cover double mastectomy?

If it's due to cancer, then they should. However, if it's due to "preventive" measures, most insurance companies balk unless there is overwhelming evidence as to why such a procedure would be nece... Read More »

How to Look Your Best While Undergoing Chemotherapy?

Many women undergoing chemotherapy may struggle to feel beautiful during treatments. Oftentimes, a patient may find her skin and lips drying out. She may feel gaunt or pale, and if she loses her ha... Read More »

Why is youtube ALWAYS down or undergoing maintanence?

I know exactly how you feel.They are updating their site. It should be up and working in about 1 - 2 hours.

Double 1/4 pounder or Double Whopper-OR dOuble meat-sub?

THE new Double INDY Whopper-bacon&peper Jack cheese!!!