What gets peeps attention when posting stuff about myself n the iternet?

Answer haha whats your name :P i will post something to you

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Can u get in legal trouble for posting false stuff about people on wikipedia?

You can get into serious trouble, ( libel/slander ), for posting anything false about anyone on Wikipedia or anywhere else. The person can file a lawsuit against you. Your cost will depend on how g... Read More »

What should you do when your best friend gets the iPhone 3g s and starts bragging about it?

Ask them to stop in a mature way. If it keeps on happening you arent true friends.

How to Design an Event Flyer That Gets Attention?

A flyer is only as good as the attention it grabs. Event flyers especially have to stand out, since they're usually competing with a sea of other flyers. This article will focus on ways to make you... Read More »

Why does H1N1 get all the attention, but the ordinary boring flu gets ignored?

The number of questions about H1N1 on this forum are driving me crazy when people could go into "discover" category and read everything they ever wanted to know about H1N1. This virus is relativel... Read More »