How to Find Good Music of the Genre You Like?

Answer These days you keep dealing with new genres that you like but you are so unlucky that you cannot find some good samples of each genre.Well now it's your chance to find your type of music genre

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How do you know when a genre of music is the genre that you truly love?

You know that you truly love a genre of music when you discover a wider range of songs from different artists of that genre and still like it. For example, If you think you might be interested in t... Read More »

Music Expert Needed: What genre of music is this?

hmm.. I'd have to say its a combination of a few unfortunately.. I'm hearing some reggae/blues/R&B.. I'm even hearing some jazz to it.. If I were to narrow it down to one, I'd have to say its a for... Read More »

What's your favourite genre of music and what's a good starting point for that genre?

I like Rock, Grunge and Metal.My favorite band is Nirvana, I recommend them if you like 90s Rock/Grunge.

What Genre of Music is this?

It's hard to tell, since it has characteristics of classical music, metal and electronic/synth music.I would say neoclassical.