What genre is the book"Frindle"?

Answer Simon and Schuster published the first version of "Frindle," a children's novel written by New Jersey author Andrew Clements, in 1996. The book, which centers around a fifth-grader named Nick, can ... Read More »

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What genre is the book Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

Book Projects Based on the Science Fiction Genre?

The science fiction genre gives readers and authors alike a chance to explore brave new worlds, ask important questions and explore the extremities of creativity. Science fiction book plots can cov... Read More »

Who wrote the book called 1984?

"1984" was written by George Orwell. The name George Orwell is actually a pen name--the author's real name was Eric Arthur Blair. The book was published in 1949. In addition to "1984," Orwell penne... Read More »