Which are some good shows that are in the same genre as FlashForward I mean not the concept but the genre a serie that is rather mysterious?

Answer The very end of volume 8.

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What's your favourite genre of music and what's a good starting point for that genre?

I like Rock, Grunge and Metal.My favorite band is Nirvana, I recommend them if you like 90s Rock/Grunge.

How do you know when a genre of music is the genre that you truly love?

You know that you truly love a genre of music when you discover a wider range of songs from different artists of that genre and still like it. For example, If you think you might be interested in t... Read More »

What genre is Red Kayak?

Patricia Cummings wrote "Red Kayak" as a suspense/coming-of-age novel for readers ages 10 and up. "Red Kayak," which received acclaim from the American Library Association, the "Washington Post" an... Read More »

What genre is this song?

Indie-folk like sufjan stevens and kinda like bon iver w the reverbyness