If a woman tried to find her adopted son in 1989 where would she have registered I mean she registered with adoption agencies in 1989 and passed 1 yr later I need this info so i can look now?

Answer The state that she surrendered her adoption in, would be the first place to look. Good luck getting this information if you're not her son, or an immediate relative. YOu said that she passed, so i'... Read More »

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If you were born 50 years earlier, what would your name have been Would you ever use it?

I already knew what it would be before i check it. My name would have been Mary. I think it's boring. No i wouldn't have used it...much like i hate and don't use my actual name.My middle name would... Read More »

What would it cost to replace the top on a 1989 ford convertible mustang?

The cost to replace the top on a 1989 Ford Convertible Mustang is about $180 if you do the repair yourself. Cost of labor cost about $50 to $100, depending on the shop and complexity of the job.So... Read More »

What new features would you wish manufacturers included on the next generation of laptops?

video card upgrade, also where the fan is put to keep it cool so that it is less likely to burn out. Drop damage resistance, though i know that is the most difficult thing to deal with. Kid proof... Read More »

What is the difference in Pokemon moves from first generation to second generation?