What generation is my processor?

Answer not enough info. give me all the information you have on your cpu. EVERYTHING: model number too. UPDATE: that link doesn't work, it just keeps crashing adobe reader. anyway, your cpu can only be tw... Read More »

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Where can i get theory about control signal generation of singlebus processor?

Follow this link in Sourcehere is a Grete search software for you desktop that finds anything coopernic.comBasic is free

Is 2nd generation intel core i7-2630qm processor good for games?

yes it willthe new processors have core stream units or channels for steady ongoing transmision making it more versital

How many processors does 3rd generation intel® core™ i7-3770 processor (3.40 ghz with turbo boost 2.0 has?

-Your Processor name is i7-3770. It belongs to the 3rd i7 Desktop CPU generation, and 3rd i7 Desktop CPU generation used Ivy Bridge architecture. 3rd i7 Desktop CPU generation included these proces... Read More »

Ordered an iPod touch 2nd generation for christmas and was shipped a 1st generation?

go to the website that you ordered it from make sure you selected the second gen in stead of the first gen... if it says you did see if there is a way that you can contact the seller and let them k... Read More »