What, generally, do Norwegian people eat Like their overall cuisine?

Answer The traditional cuisine is mostly based around farmer's dishes (partially due to the obsession all Norwegian writers, poets and painters appeared to have for the Norwegian farming culture in the 19... Read More »

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But... do you think that italian's cuisine is like the Buddy's cuisine?

I looked up Buddy's reviews and they're positive. I think people want to eat good food whether it's authentic or not. Olive Garden isn't authentic Italian, either, but the food is good. When we ... Read More »

What language do Norwegian people speak?

According to the Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook, the official languages of Norway are Bokmal Norwegian and Nynorsk Norwegian. Small pockets of the country also speak Sami and Finnish. S... Read More »

What is the overall effect on the pool and other people if people continuously urinate in swimming pool?

Answer Ewwww! First, it is gross to just think about it. When you swim, you get water in your mouth, nose, ears, eyes, etc. So there is a psychological effect, the person wouldn't swim knowing ther... Read More »

What cruise lines have freestyle cruising like Norwegian?

Princess Cruises offers personal choice cruising, or freestyle cruising, aboard its Crown Princess cruise ships. Crown Princess has many destination locations, including port stops in the the exoti... Read More »