What, generally, do Norwegian people eat Like their overall cuisine?

Answer The traditional cuisine is mostly based around farmer's dishes (partially due to the obsession all Norwegian writers, poets and painters appeared to have for the Norwegian farming culture in the 19... Read More »

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What language do Norwegian people speak?

According to the Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook, the official languages of Norway are Bokmal Norwegian and Nynorsk Norwegian. Small pockets of the country also speak Sami and Finnish. S... Read More »

When do people generally begin to "die"?

Not sure really, but thats an interesting question.

Do people generally tip tattoo artists?

Generally yes, at least in the US. Europe is "weird" in that some/many/lots of jobs don't require tips to survive - and in some cases they'll look at you funny if they're not familiar with how Ame... Read More »

Are people generally happy with photography?

They must be. It's very hard to find someone who doesn't own a camera, or two or three.