What is the nearest metro station near nizamuddin railway station?

Answer Jangpura is the nearest metro station when you leave hazrat nizamuddin station then try to go the OPPOSITE side of sarai kaale khan side.i.e. the main entry and exit of station. and higher the Auto... Read More »

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Sprinkler system, 1 station no work, no nos. how do i figure out valve goes to which station?

You can certainly check the colors of the wires that goes into the solenoid valve. A pair of wire from the solenoid is connected to the main cable. One of the wires goes into a common wire along wi... Read More »

Where is the coast guard station in currimao ilocos norte Who is the station commander?

Because Robert E. Lee was from Virginia, the Confederate Capital. Back then, people DID NOT go against there home state. Even though he had union beliefs, he COULD NOT go against his home state.

Why do guards refer to "next station stop" instead of just station?

The "Next Station Stop" announcement is a shortened version of "The Next Station This Train Stops At".I always say something like "The train is now approaching XYZ. XYZ is the next station stop". B... Read More »

Is KOAA station and Chitpur railway is same station..plz reply..thank you?

yupp ....... koaa & chipur are same station !!