What gas is used in a fridge?

Answer Answer A very, very old refrigerator could use Ammonia. Not many around anymore. Older ones being phased out use R-12 (Dichlorodifluoromethane) {CCL2F2} or Freon 12. all the same stuff. the new... Read More »

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What size amp should be used for a fridge freezer?

Most refrigerator/freezers are plugged into a kitchen receptacle on a 20 amp circuit. If you have something bigger you may find the information you need on the nameplate, which is usually a metal p... Read More »

Can a chest freezer be used as a fridge?

Yes. An external thermostat can be plugged in between the wall outlet and freezer plug. A box is mounted outside the freezer and a sensor is placed inside the freezer

Can a wine fridge be used for food?

On One Hand: Wines are stored at different temperaturesMany wine refrigerators have two levels of temperature settings, each low enough to chill beverages. For red wines, the refrigerator will mai... Read More »

If a fridge magnet can't hold apiece of paper against a fridge what forces are acting on it?

if a refrigerator magnet cant hold a piece of paper against a refrigerator, the forces acting on the magnet must be what?