What gardening zone is palm bay fl?

Answer Gardening zone 9b.

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What gardening zone is a Majesty palm?

usda zones 9b to 11. The leaves will yellow in a frost but the plant will survive in 9b, I live in Clearwater, FL and we had the coldest winter in 30 years or so and they bounced back in the spring... Read More »

What Makes Palm Leaves Yellow in Gardening?

There are several reasons a palm tree may develop yellow leaves or fronds. Several of these are due to common nutrient deficiencies in the soil. There are few palm diseases that cause yellowing; th... Read More »

Wise gardening ones, I have many container gardening questions - or "Is there any cure for a 'black thumb'"?

1. Yes, you can plant different things in one pot. It will depend on the size of the pot, and what the plants are. You can tuck cilantro and oregano around the edges of almost any pot, but a tom... Read More »

What to do at speed limit signs when entering 100km zone from 60km zone?

Once you pass the sign you may accelerate to 100kmph When approaching a sign requiring a slower speed you must reduce your speed to the slower indicated speed before you reach the sign. This is tru... Read More »