What garden herbs can be used to brew teas?

Answer mint - good for the digestive system, heals cold/ flulemongrass - speed up digestion, prevent infection from virusmarjoram - lower blood pressure, calming, relief constipationbergamot - good for di... Read More »

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How do i garden herbs in containers?

Select well-draining containers for growing herbs. Place some rocks at the bottom of your container to aid drainage. Fill the containers with a fertilized potting mix, not soil from your garden. Ga... Read More »

How to Choose Herbs for a Garden?

Most dedicated cooks would love to have a garden filled with herbs right outside their kitchen door. Fresh herbs available any time they were needed without having to make a trip to the grocers can... Read More »

Can herbs, vegetables&flowers be grown in the same garden?

Herbs, vegetables and flowers can easily be grown in the same container as long as you plant varieties with similar water and sunlight requirements. This combination can be very attractive and will... Read More »

What herbs can be grown in a kitchen window garden?

Answer italian flat parsley or basil Answer You could also try a prostrate sage, parsley, mint, thyme - especially the creeping sort, and chives. Answer You can grow any types of Herbs in a windo... Read More »