What gadjet is everyone waiting for?

Answer iPhone by apple!

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What is this song. I think this is the chosus- hey let's forget the week that's been because weve been waiting weve been waiting?

The song is called New Skin and its by Mission in Motion. I think that's what you are looking for, hope I helped.Bianca

I've got internet call waiting. What I need to know is do I need to shut my call waiting on my phone?

you need the feature "call waiting on busy" then put in *70 before you put your access-number and your dial-up!

Which cd are u waiting for most?

The new Tokio Hotel CD definately.But I'm also excited for the new Green Day CD too..and the 30 Seconds to Mars one...although I have no idea when it comes out...just that their working on it :DED... Read More »

Why is my browser waiting for

It's an IP address format. Your browser is waiting for something at this address to respond.This sounds very dodgy and is likely the result of a virus, spyware or malware. Check your homepage hasn'... Read More »