What frustrates you the most about how your computer works (or doesn't)?

Answer small thing really but I really hate it when I install a program and it puts a file into a startup tab so every time I start my computer the program starts, good thing I know how to alter this via ... Read More »

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When i hook up my router my internet on my computer doesnt work but it works wireless?

If you connect your PC to your router via Ethernet cable, it should over-ride the WiFi connection settings.This is all fully explained in the Router User Manual.If Ethernet doesn't work, don't assu... Read More »

Refrigerator doesnt cool but freezer works?

Try vacuuming out the back and underneath...give it 24 hours and see if it starts cooling..

What is THE one thing that frustrates you the most?

I think, in general, its the lack of respect people have for others in modern society. It manifests itself in many ways... the person with the incredibly loud and booming car audio system who think... Read More »

Why doesnt my USB fit into my computer?

The socket may have physical damage, or the plug...