What fruits are closely related to avocados?

Answer Avocado Relatives There are no common fruits closely related to avocados. There is a fruit called Coyo, but is not particularly pleasant to eat and thus virtually unknown. Cinnamon is in the same f... Read More »

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What is closely related to Edwards syndrome?

A nephrologist or a urologist depending on what "renal fullness" is.

Which animal is most closely related to the bear?

Bears are scientifically considered a descendant of the carnivorous caniformia or "dog-like" species, based on their early anatomy and behaviors. However, today bears are said to most closely resem... Read More »

Are Fungi More Closely Related to Animals Than Plants?

Like animals, fungi are eukaryotic heterotrophs, meaning that they have cells with a nucleus and depend on other organisms for their food. Unlike plants, fungi and animals cannot make their own foo... Read More »

Which statement is most closely related to the Gentlemen's Agreement of 1907?

Japan would deny passports to any Japanese citizens who wanted to come to America.