What fruit do you like?

Answer I like dried fruit.It's nice and chewy; or in the case of bananas, crisp.

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I don't really like fruit. Are there any vegetables I can eat to replace the nutrients in fruit?

Well a tomatoe is a fruit but it tastes like a vegetable. How about cucomber,potatoe,peppers,etc. Hope this helped. ;-)

What fruit don't you like?

Mango's, at seven months pregnant i had a mango and had a bad allergic reaction to it...Not a good scene.....not big on nectarines either.

What can you put in car gas to make it smell like fruit ?

A fruity fragrance but that might be dangerous! lol

What does a passion fruit taste like?

Tastes like rich, ripe and sweet GUAVA. Amazing aromatic flavor that lingers in your mouth.