Â· What fruit do you eat the most often?

Answer banana.

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What is the last fruit you ate How often do you eat fruit?

I had a slice of melon this morning. I eat 3-4 pieces of fruit every day.

What thick skinned fruit with seeds is often used in salads?

The grapefruit is a thick-skinned fruit with seeds that is often used in salads. Segments of the tart citrus fruit are added as an ingredient to contrast with the creamy texture of avocado or chees... Read More »

Why do most siblings tend to not like each other most often brothers and sisters?

If I had to guess I would say it's because they have to share there parents attention and they may resent there sibling for that.

What is is the most common fruit?

The seed starts than the seed with a root than with leaves. After leaves it turns into a small plant then finally into a plant ( fully grown) and then the cycle starts all over again with the seed ... Read More »